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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
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New Materials and Their Constitutive Models in ANSYS. Experience in Plasticity and Viscoplasticity through z-ANSYS

Barberis Ubaldo - Ansaldo Energia (Italy)


Actually in any multipurpose finite element code the constitutive material law of some components of gas turbine at high temperature behavior are not defined in library material box (ex superalloy with crystal slip systems and multiple hardening coefficients) but an ANSYS advanced use is able to define detailed and not standard creep and plasticity law; the strategy is to have any advantage using ANSYS user routine or shared libraries technique.
Z-ANSYS is a tool that is able to report any specific material behavior and its capability is to translate these properties in ANSYS format because it is able to customize any command for USERMAT routine of ANSYS code and to define some specific state variables (non linear stress and strain for different parameter).
Finally, for the ANSYS user, it is a big advantage because he has not to compile any Fortran routine and he has not to link it to ANSYS module; it is possible to have this new approach because dynamic library are available.
It is now very simple to describe any material law because the sintassi is clear and simple in its use and finally it is possible to apply it with 2 simple ANSYS command like TB,user and TB,stae and in this paper some interesting examples will be shown.

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