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9.30 Stefano Odorizzi - EnginSoft CEO odorizzi

Stefano Odorizzi


Graduated in Civil Engineering in 1973, Stefano Odorizzi started his activity as researcher in 1976 at University of Padova, where he holds the course of Solid Mechanics. CEO and co-founder of EnginSoft, multinational consultancy company engaged in Simulation Based Engineering Science, he actively promotes numerical simulation for research activity, with particular attention for manufacturing process, metallurgy, multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization. Since 1977, he has been Project leader of a large number of EU co-funded research projects (like COMETT, CRAFT, BRITE-EURAM, MURST, EU-RTD); he is an active member of several associations (ISOPE, ASM Europe, AICAP, AIM, ATA, NAFEMS) and he plays an important role within prestigious European Networks (MACSinet, FENET, INGENET, TECHNET). His commitment in numerical simulation dissemination is witnessed by his many initiatives as General Manager of EnginSoft, in academic research and advanced training and education.

9.45 Parviz Moin - Prof., Center for Turbulence Research, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, USA

High Fidelity numerical simulations of multiple-physics turbulent flows in complex geometries

Parviz Moin

Parvin Moiz

Parviz Moin

Moin is the founding director of the Center for Turbulence Research at Stanford and Ames. Established in 1987 as a research consortium between NASA and Stanford, Center for Turbulence Research is devoted to fundamental studies of turbulent flows. Center of Turbulence Research is widely recognized as the international focal point for turbulence research, attracting diverse groups of researchers from engineering, mathematics and physics.

Professor Moin pioneered the use of direct and Large Eddy Simulation techniques for the study of turbulence physics, control and modeling concepts and has written widely on the structure of turbulent shear flows. His current interests include: interaction of turbulent flows and shock waves, aerodynamic noise and hydro-acoustics, aerooptics, combustion, numerical analysis, turbulence control, large eddy simulation and parallel computing. He is a Co-Editor of the Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics and Associate Editor of Physics of Fluids, Journal of Computational Physics, and on the Editorial Board of Turbulent Combustion and the SIAM Journal of Multiscale Modeling and Simulation. He is currently serving on the Naval Research Advisory Committee (NRAC).

10.30 Andreas Ennemoser - CFD Analysis and Thermal Management, Engineering and Technology Powertrain Systems, AVL List GmbH

Help! Where are my data?" Subtitle: "Don't worry, solved. We can deliver


Andreas Ennemoser


Andreas Ennemoser was studying mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Graz. After that he joined AVL to work as a software developer for AVL’s CFD code FIRE in the early 90s. From being a software developer for several years he changed to the powertrain engineering group of AVL and is skill team leader for CFD analysis and thermal management. He leads a group of about 30 engineers who provide CFD related engineering services to the automotive industry. The technology areas include engine, transmission, battery, vehicle cooling and model based control. In addition to his activities in AVL he taught several years as a lecturer for heat transfer at the university of Applied Sciences “FH Joanneum”. He is also a chartered engineering consultant for mechanical engineering in Austria.

10.55 Coffee Break  
11.15 Mikael Lundblad - Sandvik Coromant

Knowledge driven design


Mikael Lundblad


2004-Present – Manager Metal Cutting Research, AB Sandvik Coromant
2000 – 2003 - Sr Research Engineer, AB Sandvik Coromant
1998-1999 - Manager R&D CAE, AB Sandvik Coromant
1990-1997 - Sr R&D Engineer, AB Sandvik Coromant


Gianluca Iaccarino - Uncertainty Quantification Lab, Stanford University and Cascade Technologies Inc., USA

Forward and Backward Uncertainty Analysis - Tools for Engineering Design


Gianluca Iaccarino


Gianluca Iaccarino is the co-founder of Cascade Technologies and has 15 years’ experience in development and application of CFD methods. He acts as a consultant on a variety of projects involving industrial fluid flow simulations. He is also leading the development of a novel tool for uncertainty quantification and robust design. Dr. Iaccarino received his PhD from the Politecnico di Bari with a thesis on Immersed Boundary Methods. He holds the position of Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford University.


Thomas B. Masservey - IMS Regional Coach, Europe

Leveraging International Collaboration through the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) Program


Thomas B. Messervey


Dr. Thomas Messervey serves as the EU Facilitator for the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) Program. From industry, he helps EU projects connect internationally through IMS to make the best use of current opportunities in running projects or to strengthen dissemination/exploitation plans in proposal development through international collaboration. He is the CEO of Research to Market Solution s.r.l. (R2M) and specialises in the development and use of sensor technologies, sensor embedded materials, and the use of measurement data for new processes and applications. Within IMS, he was the coordinator of the IMS MTP Project “Industrial Smart Material Applications (ISMA).”


Marc Wintermantel - EVEN - Evolutionary Engineering AG, Zurich, Switzerland

An America's Cup Engineering Story


Marc Wintermantel


Marc Wintermantel (Dr. sc. nat. ETH) studied physics and did a PhD at the Center for Structure Technologies of the ETH Zürich about Optimization Technologies. Further he is founding member and co-owner of EVEN - Evolutionary Engineering AG. EVEN is partner to ANSYS and responsible for the development of the ANSYS Composite PrePost (ACP). During his professional career he worked as well for MotoGP, Formula 1 and acted as structural engineer and finally technical director of the German America's Cup campaign.


Clovis Maliska - SINMEC/CFD Lab Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

A joint industry-academy project for the development of integrated reservoir-wells tools


Clovis Maliska


Dr. Clovis R. Maliska holds a full professor position at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, in Brazil. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Waterloo, Canada, and his main research activities are numerical methods for heat transfer and fluid flow with emphasis on finite volume methods for unstructured grids applied to petroleum reservoir simulation, aerodynamics and multiphase flows.


Business Lunch  
14.00 Stefan Luding - prof. Multiscale Mechanics, University of Twente, Netherland

From Particles towards continuum theory: Crossing multiple scale


Stefan Luding


Prof. Dr. rer.-nat. Stefan Luding is Chair for Multi Scale Mechanics at the University of Twente in The Netherlands since 2007, after he studied physics in Bayreuth, promoted in Freiburg, Germany, and - after a PostDoc in Paris, F, became Assoc. Prof. for ParticleTechnology at the TUDelft, NL. He is working on Granular Materials, Fluids and Solids and multi-scale mechanics involving particulate and continuum systems and the transition between. He is Managing Editor in Chief of the journal Granular Matter since 1998 and President of the Powders & Grains committee since 2005.

Andrea Remuzzi - Department of Biomedical Engineering, Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri, Bergamo, Italy

Clinical validation of computer based modeling for surgicalplanning of vascular access in hemodialysis patients


Andrea Remuzzi


Andrea Remuzzi is Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at University of Bergamo, Dalmine (BG), Italy and Head of Department of Biomedical Engineering at Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research, Bergamo, Italy. His main activity is scientific research about several biomedical topics and teaching, as coordinator of research Unit at Laboratory and Department at the Mario Negri Institute. Andrea Remuzzi has participated in several funded research projects and he is author or co-author of journal articles in 142 scientific publications on original investigations and review articles.

14.25 Eugenio Onate - prof. , Director of International Center forNumerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE), Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain

Advances in the particle finite element method (PFEM) for multidisciplinary problems in engineering


Eugenio Onate


Prof. EUGENIO OÑATE, Civil Engineer by the Technical University of Valencia, Spain (1975) and Ph.D. by the University of Swansea, Wales, UK (1979), Director of the School of Civil Engineering of Barcelona (1983-89), Director of the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) of the Technical University of Catalonia (since 1987), Honorary President of the Spanish Society of Numerical Methods in Engineering (SEMNI) (since 2004), Past-President of the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS) (2000-2004) and Past-President of the International for Association Computational Mechanics (IACM) (2002-2010). He has received a number of awards from universities and scientific and technological organizations worldwide. He is author of some 262 scientific papers on developments and applications of finite element and particle-based methods for structural and geomechanical problems, fluid dynamics and industrial forming processes.

Tim Bogard - President & CEO, Sigmetrix

7 Phases to Robust Design: How GD&T, Feature Functionality, & Exact Constraints Define Robust Assemblies


Tim Bogard


Tim is the leading expert on the development and integration of tolerance and variation analysis technologies driving unique engineering solutions into the CAE/CAD/CAM market. Over the past 25 years, he has worked with engineering management in over 1000 global companies improving lean engineering processes toward more robust products. Tim founded Sigmetrix in 1999 as a divesture from Raytheon/Texas Instruments, creating a dynamic and focused organization, specializing in the development of unique, integrated, engineering analysis tools to address the need of mechanical engineers, manufacturing engineers, and quality professionals to understand the impact that imperfect parts and assemblies have vs. the idealized world of CAD. He has led the growth and expansion of this high performance company, developing strategic relationships with key universities, PLM vendors and software integration experts creating a global enterprise capable of meeting the growing needs of manufacturing companies. Prior to forming Sigmetrix, Tim was Director of Engineering at Texas Instruments and Raytheon, where he helped develop the Design for 6 Sigma strategies and design technology centers supporting multi-disciplined engineering processes for advanced development programs..

14.50 Andreas Vlahinos - Advanced Engineering Solutions, Denver, Colorado USA

Imminent Advance Engineering Environments


Andreas Vlahinos


Dr. Andreas Vlahinos is a Principal, Advanced Engineering Solutions. Andreas has been instrumental in rapid product development through the implementation of CAE and DFSS and for several Government agencies and industry partners. He received his Ph.D. from Georgia Tech. He has been Professor at the University of Colorado. Several times he received the Professor of the Year and R&D 100 awards. He is regularly invited as a keynote speaker on a variety of subjects (Innovation, Rapid new product development, DFSS ) in international conferences.

Tim Morris - NAFEMS, UK

How to Gain, Manage and Assess CAE Expertise


Tim Morris


Tim Morris joined NAFEMS in 2003. Since then he has been driving the organization forward to achieve: improved international participation increased coverage of the range of engineering simulation technologies that are embraced and the continued supply of high quality guidance on the use of simulation for professional engineering practitioners through a variety of different media Prior to joining NAFEMS Tim worked for 16 years in industry, and held a number of different roles before reaching the position of Associate Director at one of the UK’s leading engineering simulation companies. During this time, he developed expertise in a variety of simulation technologies including dynamic analysis and advanced non-linear analysis.


Aronne Armanini - prof., Dept. of Hydraulics, University of Trento, Trento, Italy

Mathematical Modeling for Debris Flows and Hazard Mapping


Aronne Armanini


Aronne Armanini is professor of Hydraulics and River Engineering and Restoration at the University of Trento. Prof. Armanini has 25 years of experience on river engineering, sediment transport and hydrodynamics of vegetation. He has been Director of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Trento, since 2007 and has several other academic and professional responsibilities. Prof. Armanini is author of more than 150 publications on scientific Journals conference proceedings, books and chapters of books. He has been invited speaker in many national and international scientific conferences.

Michael Olsson - Tetra Pak

The value of simulations in packaging industry


Mikael Olsson


2005: Master of Science in Environmental Engineering (Lund University)
2005-2007: Technical CFD consultant Epsilon, Gothenburg
2007-: Joining Tetra Pak as Technology Specialist CFD

15.40 Mikael Törmänen - Technical Expert MDO & P/T Attributes Balancing Strategy & Concepts, Powertrain Engineering, Volvo Cars

Enhancing Multi-Disciplinary Optimization by Initial Systematic Screening


Mikael Törmänen


Dr. M. Törmänen finished his Ph.D. in Vehicle Engineering in 2001 at the department of Machine and Vehicle Systems at Chalmers University of Technogy. He has joined Volvo Car Corporation in 2005 to work with powertrain simulations with focus on the longitudinal vehicle dynamics, i.e. driveability. In June 2012 he was appointed a position as Technical Expert MDO & Powertrain Attributes Balancing. Since the attribute driveability is influenced by almost every mechanical systems in the front-end of the vehicle he has gained a broad overall system knowledge and experience in different customer attributes that need to be optimized. To improve the optimization between several attributes he has formed a CAE framework that makes it possible to reuse and speed up the optimization process. This has been applied on engine mount systems which has a major impact on driveability. Since 2007, the main optimzation tool has been modeFrontier.

Antonio Navarra - Director of Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Changes navarra

Antonio Navarra


Born in Naples in 1956 he got his degree in Physic at University of Bologna in 1980 and his PhD in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory at Princeton University in 1986. He is Head of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, where his research activity deals with climate simulation using numerical models of general circulation. His main topics of interest are the dynamic mechanisms which regulate climate on a global scale, and in particular natural climate variability of the atmosphere-ocean system on long-term scales. He is also Professor of Environmental Sciences at University of Bologna and author of several books of scientific dissemination on climate, collaborating also with important national journals.

16:00 Coffee Break
16.30 Keith Hanna - Marketing Director, MentorGraphics Mechanical Division, USA

Back to the future: trends in commercial CFD


Keith Hanna


Keith Hanna is the Director of Marketing and Product Strategy for the Mentor Graphics Mechanical Analysis Division. He has over 20 years of experience in the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) industry in engineering, consulting, managerial and marketing positions inside both Fluent Inc. and ANSYS Inc. Keith has a BSc in Minerals Engineering and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham in England and applied experience at both De Beers and British Steel PLC. Currently he sits on the Executive Committee of the International Sports Engineering Association.


Fabio Marcuzzi - Università di Padova

Fabiano Maggio - EnginSoft

An Innovative Simulation-Based Approach to Develop Microcontrollers Applications


Fabio Marcuzzi


Fabio Marcuzzi is Assistant Professor of Numerical Analysis at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Padova. He is involved mainly in inverse problems in computational mechanics, focusing on algorithmic and numerical/ computational issues. He graduated in Electronics Engineering in 1991 and developed the control firmware for a few industrial applications. Then he got a PhD in Computational Mathematics in 2000 with a thesis on Adaptivity in the Finite Element Method and then started developing the co-simulation of the control electronics and the multiphisical controlled system as a systematic approach to the design and prototyping of microcontroller applications

Fabiano Maggio


Fabiano Maggio graduated in Mechanical Engineering at University of Padua on 2001. Three years later he got a Ph.D in Motorcycle Engineering from the same University, developing a research on Two Steering Wheel Motorcycles. He joined EnginSoft in 2005 starting his career as multibody dynamics analyst. In a few years he widened his knowledge in CAE, managing a large number of structural, durability, and optimization projects as well. He was Company's representative in a couple of European Projects and evaluator for new emerging CAE technologies. Now, he is responsible of the Multibody Dynamics Technical Area at EnginSoft.



Erik Lönroth - HPC area, Scania Infomate, Sweden

How we intend to pursue a market edge with HPC


Erik Lönroth


Erik Lönroth holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science and is the Technical Responsible for the HPC area at Scania. He has been leading the technical development of four generations of super computing initiatives at Scania and their supporting subsystems. Erik is frequently lecturing on development of super computer environments for industry, open source software governance and HPC related topics.

Hironori Imai - SCSK - Japan

The approach to the reliability by coupled analyses between manufacturing and structural analyses. Realistic analysis with ADVENTURECluster


Hironori Imai


2009: Getting degree in mechanical engineering. (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.) 2009-2011: Joining SCS as technical sales engineer of press forming simulation.2011: Joining structural analysis team as a ADVENTURECluster specialist.


Giovanni Meneghetti - prof., Dept. of Mechanical Engineerig, University of Padova, Padova, Italy

Stefano Giacometti
- R&D Department – OZ Racing

Design and manufacturing of a single-seat formula SAE racing car


Giovanni Meneghetti


Giovanni Meneghetti was born in Treviso (Italy) on November 14th, 1969 and got his Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1994. From 1995 until 1998 he attended a three-year PhD course in Machine Design at the University of Padova. Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Padova from 2002 until 2010. Associate Professor in Machine Design at the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Padova from December 2010. Author of about 130 scientific publications, 40 of which published in International Journals with impact factor. His research fields deal with the development of local approaches for fatigue analysis of welded components and structures, fatigue design of structures in metallic materials, experimental analysis of strains, in-field load data acquisition and fatigue behavior of bonded joints in composite materials.

Stefano Giacometti


Stefano Giacometti was born in Bassano del Grappa (Italy) on August 18th,1956. He has been employed in OZ Wheels Spa (Vicenza-Italy) since 1974 and he presently is with the R&D Department. He has been cooperating with the department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Padova (Italy) since 2005 for the manufacturing, installation and development of jet-engines and wind turbines and since 2006 as manufacturing supervisor of the Formula SAE car of the students’ RaceUP racing team. In 2012 he cooperated with the DTU University (Denmark) for the manufacturing and installation of wind turbines for research purposes. From 2007 until 2010 he cooperated with the Research Center for Aerospace Studies of the University of Padova in the activity of set-up and testing of hybrid propulsion systems. He is co-author of two papers published in International Journals and supervisor of about twenty master thesis.

Jean Luc Lacome - Impetus Afea, France

Modelisation of blast loading on a steel structure using advanced numerical particle method


Jean Luc Lacome


Jean Luc LACOME graduated from the University of Toulouse in 1998. His background is applied mathematics and especially numerical particle methods. After his PhD, he has been working for 10 years for LSTC where he implemented the SPH method in LS-DYNA. In 2007, he started the company IMPETUS Afea in France together with Arve Hanssen in Norway and Lars Olovsson in Sweden (developer of the ALE in LS-DYNA). The goal of IMPETUS Afea is to develop a new generation of software for engineers to simulation high transient dynamic problems. The goal is provide an accurate numerical simulation tool for engineers in an industrial environment.




14.00 Ansaldo Nucleare - Preliminary 3D analysis of the flowfield in the steam generator of thelead-cooled ALFRED nuclear reactor with ANSYS/FLUENT Pierburg - Correlation between Multibody Flex simulations and experimental measurements on a Vaccum Pump for Porsche
14.25 Politecnico di Milano - Numerical simulation of a pure water jet inside an orifice: jet creation and effect of droplets collisions Vision - A new wireless power supply implementation for electric vehicle batteries charging
14.50 Pierburg - Dynamic analysis of aVariable displacement OilPump shaft undercrankshaft torsional vibrations and internalpressure loads evaluated via CFD Ansaldo Energia - Anisotropic Plastic Creep Analyses for Gas Turbine HGP Components with ANSYS
15.15 Università Ferrara - Numerical Analysis of aMicro Gas Turbine Can-Combustor fed by Synthesis gas: numerical evaluation of the combustor geometry influence
15.40 Tetra Pak - Fluid Structure Interaction of a rigid body: simulation of a floating device used to detect the liquid level inside the filling system of a packaging machine CADFEM - CADFEM ANSYS Extensions - an Overview
16:00 Coffee Break
16.30 Franco Tosi Meccanica - The role of virtual analysis and new numerical technologies in turbomachinery applications   Daunia Solar Cell - Thermal press optimization for sealing of new generation photovoltaic modules  
16.55 SACMI - The economical advantages of the new approach in the evaluation of the fatigue life for the new generation presses
17.20 Petrolvalves - Aeroacustic of the Valves: problems and solutions Universita' di Padova - Simple solar collectors for shower
17.45 Politecnico di Milano - CFD Simulations of windage losses of a gearbox Simpleware - New Developments in Image-Based Mesh Generation of 3D Imaging Data



  LS-DYNA Italian User Meeting - room LACISIUM   COMPOSITIES - room BARDOLINO   Scilab - room VELA  

Indesit - Indesit drastically reduces the packaging cost thanks to the new CAE driven design approach

Verme Projects - Styling and engineering from sea to land: examples of integrated composite design development Scilab Enterprise - What’s New with Scilab?
14.25 ZF - Virtual Prototyping for Safer Product Development: Integrated Marine Propulsion and Steering System Example WhiteHead Sistemi Subaquei - Multidisciplinary Concurrent Engineering: V-FIDES Underwater Autonomous Vehicle hull design example CNES - Scilab for space mission design
14.50 Brabant Alucast - Process and Product integration for High Strength Magnesium alloy components Componeering - Design-Optimization of Cylindrical Composite Structures in Preliminary Design Università di Padova - A Scilab Radial Basis Functions toolbox
15.15 Thales Alenia Space - Inflatable Module EVEN Evolutionary Engineering AG - ACP - ANSYS Composite PrePost V14.5 Special and new features for Composite Virtual Prototyping EnginSoft - Solving optimization problems with Scilab
15.40 CRF - An  integrated approach for full process simulation aimed to PC/PD dimensional quality improvement WhiteHead Sistemi Subaquei - The RubeeComp Project: composite material components incorporating unfriendly environments wireless communication systems Openeering - Modeling in Xcos using Modelica
16:00 Coffee Break
  LS-DYNA Italian User Meeting - room LACISIUM   modeFRONTIER Italian UM- room BARDOLINO   TAVOLA ROTONDA - room GARDESANA  
16.30 DYNAmore - New Features and Future Developments in LS-DYNA

Workshop: Handling Uncertainties with modeFRONTIER: Introduction to Robust Design Optimization

with FIAT - Industrial Case History: Overview of Robust Design Optimization in Chassis and Vehicle dynamics

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Imprese e competitività: insieme per il successo


Reti, innovazione e progetti R&D: finanziare la ricerca si può!

Soluzioni concrete e nuove prospettive per scoprire percorsi di successo in tempi di crisi.

<<Informazioni e iscrizioni>>


MATFEM - Advanced Modeling of Metals and Thermoplastics for Crash Applications under Consideration of the Process History

17.20 BETA CAE - Recent advancements in LS-DYNA pre-processing for crash simulation
17.45 BASELL - Simulating Failure with LS-DYNA in Glass Reinforced, Polypropylene-based Components













  ANSYS Italian Users' Meeting - room RIVA   ANSYS Italian Users' Meeting - roon ROCCA  
9.30 Piaggio Aero - Optimization of wing efficiency vs. sweep angles using mesh morphing Piaggio - CAE analysis of a con rodfor motorbike application
9.55 CINECA - Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation of Yacht Sails with experimental validation Pierburg - Vane Oil Pump CFD ANALYSIS: pressure fluctuation and waves reflection
10.20 University of Pisa - Research Activities on Slot-Coupled Patch Antenna Excited by a Square Ring Slot Politecnico di Milano - Implementation of a remap boundary condition for LES applications in Fluent
10.45 Key to Metals - New developments in a database of advanced material properties for cae use SUPSI - CFD modeling suitable for concentrated solar power applications: thermalinsulation based on radiation shields and thermal energy storage systems
11.10 Coffee Break
11.40 NVIDIA - Industry Benefits of GPU-Accelerated ANSYS Software   CYBERNET - PlanetsX : Injection Molding CAE System on ANSYS Workbench - For all the people in the development of plastic products

12.05 Ozen Engineering - How to perform electromigration simulations in ANSYS Universita' di Bologna - Design and Optimization of bioreactors for hydrogen production by computational fluid dynamics
12.35 NICE: Visualization Tools: remote access to your simulation Consorzio SIRE - CFD transient simulation of the Piaggio P180 internal cabin ventilation
13.00 Business Lunch
14.00 ANSYS CFD Update - Introduzione   MECHANICAL UPDATE: News 14.5 overview  
14.25 ANSYS CFD Update - Ambiente WB - Paradigmi parametrici e tools di meshatura avanzata
15.15 ANSYS CFD Update - Solutori CFD-ANSYS
15.40 EnginSoft - HPC: i vantaggi della parallelizzazione
16.05 ANSYS CFD Update - Modelli fisici e numerici avanzati: Aeroacustica, FSI, Adjoint solver ANSYS Electromechanical Tools: New Feature Updates and Future Roadmap.
16.30 Questions & Answers





  modeFRONTIER Italian Users' Meeting - room ARILICA   Flowmaster European Users' Meeting - room CISANO  
9.30 Workshop - Efficient Optimization with mF: how to use advanced algorithm strategies

Bitron Industrial Case - Shape optimisation tools for CFD analysis: ANSYS CFX, ProEngineer and modeFRONTIER

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Welcome and introduction
9.55 Consorzio RFX - Monodimensional simulation of SPIDER Cooling Plant using Flowmaster code
10.20 FDB - Bringing the power of expert CAE software to spread-sheets: Solutions for the study of hydropower plant performance using Flowmaster and Excel
10.45 Mentor Graphics - Morgan Jenkins Keynote: Keeping Flowmaster apace with Industry Trends
11.10 Coffee Break
11.40 Ferrari GES - Composite laminates optimization on Formula 1 car components   EnginSoft - Industrial assesment of Flowmaster applications  

Magneti Marelli - Air intake manifold design: a geometrical dimensioning for engine performances optimization

Flowmaster interactive workshop with John Murray
12.35 SACMI - Mechanical optimization of the injection system in a compression molding machine
13.00 Business Lunch
14.00 BETA CAE Systems - Multi-objective optimization of a crankshaft using the efficiency of ANSA, μETA and modeFRONTIER   DCNS - Flowmaster: How to migrate in Oracle version  

Bottero - Mold opening-closing mechanism optimization through modeFRONTIER

EDF France - Using Flowmaster for the EPR auxiliary system design
14.50 Pierburg - Integrated Procedure to Design a New VOP (Variable Oil Pump): Design Flowchart and Optimization Algorithm Iberdola Ingenieria - Nuclear Power Plant Circuit Modeling: Hydraulic and Thermal Calculations
15.15 EnginSoft - BENIMPACT SUITE: Optimal Configurations of Windows and Accessories for Standard Nordic Private Modular "nearly Zero Energy Buildings" depending on the site of construction Tristone - Automation in Flowmaster 7 : Pressure Drop Calculations Automation, Workflow and Time Savings
15.40 Linköping University - Information Entropy based Performance Index and Meta Optimization GE Oil&Gas - Enhancing design through system level simulations at GE Oil&Gas
16.05 Politecnico di Milano - Structural Optimization of Cable Systems Questions and answers
16.30 Enginsoft UK - Advancing the usability of automated processes in verification and optioneering studies






  MAGMA Italian Users' Meeting - room BARDOLINO   FORGE Italian Users' Meeting - room LACISIUM  
9.30 MAGMA - MAGMA core and molds

TRANSVALOR - Roadmap & Forge New Graphical Interface

9.55 MURARO - Production Process of a bearing ring
10.20 TRANSVALOR - Open Die Forging Enhancements in Applications - Dual Mesh Method
10.45 MAGMA - Hardware and Benchmark
11.10 Coffee Break
11.40 MAGMA - New Release MAGMA5.2   Feat Group - Optimization study of a hot forged steel part: reduction of material and fatigue resistance of the dies  
12.05 TRANSVALOR - Induction Heating
13.00 Business Lunch
14.00 Centro Ricerche Fiat - Integrated study of casting and assembly simulations for an aluminum inner door frame   TRANSVALOR - Rolling Ring & recrystallization  
14.25 Bruschi - Pressofusi in leghe di zinco: sistemi avanzati di progettazione DIMEG Università di Padova - Ductile Fracture Prediction in Cold Forging Process Chains
14.50 DTG - Correlation between numerical simulation results and empirical ones in permanent mould gravity casting of AM60B Magnesium Alloys TRANSVALOR - Muti-Material simulation Material Data
15.15 iGuzzini - Studio di fattibilita' preliminare del getto pressofuso per un vano ottico di apparecchio stradale a LED TECNALIA - Rotary forging: simulations, apllications and link with microstructural calculations
15.40 Customer presentations TRANSVALOR - Best Practice - Rolling Applications








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