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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
CAE Technologies for Industry

Engineering Simulation for Unmanned Vehicle Design and Development

Mann David - ANSYS UK (UK)
Harwood Robert - ANSYS UK (UK)


This paper discusses the rise in use of unmanned systems, suggests that this growth is set to continue and highlights some of the pressures faced by system designers in the face of platform and mission evolution and a constrained fiscal environment.
Engineering simulation is introduced in overview and its value presented based on independent market research and work performed by the US Department of Defense.
It is suggested that there is a very strong link between the needs of the UAS design and development community and the proven benefits that can be gained from the extensive use of engineering simulation. Consequently it is concluded that those UAS designers and suppliers not using engineering simulation extensively today will not be the UAS designers and suppliers of tomorrow.
In a simple illustrative example it is demonstrated how engineering simulation can be applied to optimize a UAS design for the improvement of wing lift characteristics and hence the ability to carry more or heavier payloads without substantial changes to the platform.

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