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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
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Effective Electrothermal Simulation for Battery Pack and Power Electronics in HEV/EV

Valtorta Davide - CADFEM (Switzerland)


Thermal management is an important issue to be assessed during the development of a hybrid or electrical vehicle. Several components in the electrical network of a car must be considered, the most important being power electronics and the battery pack. Electrothermal simulation is required at the system level in order to choose the best regime that complies with all thermal requirements and an important problem is how to obtain quickly a compact but accurate thermal model needed at the system level.
A methodology based on model reduction is suggested. One starts with an accurate thermal model developed with finite elements (ANSYS Workbench), then reduces the model by means of implicit moment matching (software MOR for ANSYS) and finally couples the reduced thermal model with an electrical model in Simplorer.

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