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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
CAE Technologies for Industry

Conceptual Design of Insulated Modular LAr TPC Detector for LBNE

Sergiampietri Franco - CERN (Italy)
Peselli Valentina - EnginSoft (Italy)
Calsolaro Daniele - EnginSoft (Italy)
Rottoli Marco - Brembana (Italy)
Cielok Marco - Brembana (Italy)


The aim of this project is the entire conceptual design phase of a detector configuration based on two double-wall, vacuum-insulated cryostats with the possibility of inside vacuum before filling by LAr (liquid argon @ -86 K).
In order to resist to the outer pressure and vacuum insulation loads the cryostat is built as a 3D array of cubic cells (5m side) without inner common walls to get a continuous LAr active volume across the inner array structure. The cryostat dimensions are 40m x 20m x 20m.
The Outer vessel is linked to the inner one trough thermal bridges (transversally sliding and longitudinally elastic to follow the inner vessel shrinkage) and spring elements to recover the thermal deformation and guarantee the structural resistance.

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