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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
CAE Technologies for Industry

Multi-Objective Virtual Optimization for a Target GDI Injector Nozzle Flow Achievement

Agresta Antonio - Continental (Italy)


The constant need to improve the efficiency of the engine combustion leads the automotive industries to study new solutions and request new types of GDI injectors spray characteristics to satisfy the emissions requirements. A modification on a 5+1 multistream injector has been requested by a customer in order to achieve two different targets together: injector static mass flow and the central hole static mass flow. A quick evaluation on the feasibility of the seat drilling process “in house”, which depends on hole-to-hole diameter differences, was needed and therefore a multi-objective optimization has been performed by the use of modeFRONTIER applied to Starccm+ CFD simulations. The central hole and the external holes radius have been defined as the two variables of the seat geometry and, in order to save computational time, after a preliminary DoE a virtual optimization based on the RSM methodology has been applied and the pareto design has been calculated. Only a month of activity on two different injector calibrations has given us the confirmation of the process feasibility and the nozzle holes diameter values needed to reach both the targets. The simulations results have been confirmed by experimental results on the real samples.

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