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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
CAE Technologies for Industry

New Features and Future Directions in Car Crash Simulations with LS-DYNA

Göhner Uli - DYNAmore (Germany)


In this paper new developments and features in the actual release of LS-DYNA will be presented and an outlook into future development directions will be given.
Actual performance improvements for massively parallel applications in Hybrid LS-DYNA for both explicit and implicit applications will be shown. A new explicit-implicit hybrid method combines both implicit and explicit time-stepping within one model in different regions. The Isogeometric element approach can make use of higher-order elements and by this achieve a higher accuracy in an efficient manner. In the area of element free methods a new SPH to Solid coupling allows automatic switching between SPH and solid elements. New fast discrete elements allow simulation on particle scale in an easy and fast way. All these new capabilities are shown with applications from car crash or metal forming applications.

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