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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
CAE Technologies for Industry

Morphological Shape Optimization of a Multi-Element, Down-Force Generating Wing

Newill Taylor - EnginSoft GmbH (Germany)
Poles Silvia - EnginSoft (Italy)


Geometric shape optimization is a difficult and time consuming process.
This paper and presentation shows an efficient approach to creating an optimal geometric configuration based on multiple objectives. Morphing a CFD mesh of a baseline geometry removes the need to remesh every single design iteration. Creating cubic Bezier deformation volumes independent of the initial geometry enables a large design space, constrained by element quality, to be quickly created and investigated. Tools utilizing non-proprietary analysis and optimization algorithms allow the optimization to be conducted in a cost efficient manner. This paper and presentation establish these methods and prove the methodology by optimizing a multi-element down-force generating wing using Scilab, an open source maths tool, OpenFOAM, an open source numerical analysis code, and Sculptor a proprietary and commercial mesh morphing software.

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