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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
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A Liquid Xenon Calorimeter Project for the Paul Scherrer Institute Switzerland

Raffaelli Fabrizio - INFN (Italy)


The Meg cryostat contains the liquid Xenon calorimeter. The requirements of the mechanical structure of the cryostat are not standard in term of cleanness, tightness, precisions and the use of materials. The containers shapes for the vacuum and for the cryogenic have a tight space constrains that do not allow using standard solution. Furthermore we are forced to minimize the material in front of the particle beams. So the efforts to achieve those goals have force us to make Fea analyses to studies several parts that cannot be size efficiently using formulas of pressure vessel code. In order to achieve a good safety level maintaining the amount of material low the analyses were supported by experimental verification during the construction. A panel of carbon fiber with aluminum honeycomb was used to hold the pressure of the cold vessel, and thin sheet (0.3mm) of Stainless steel is used to hold the vacuum.

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