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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
CAE Technologies for Industry

Integration of Injection Molding and Structure CAE for Mold Deformation Analysis

Yu-Chih Liu - Coretech System (Moldex3D)
Tsung-Min Su - Coretech System (Moldex3D)
Tzu-Chau Chen - Coretech System (Moldex3D)


Injection molding products have been applied in many fileds in our life. The basic process is using the metal mold to duplicate e injection partscycle by cycle. Due to the thermal and pressure impacts on the mold at various stages of injeciotn molding process, the life cycle of the mold depends on the processing history inside the mold. At the filling and package stages, the mold is under high cavity pressure At the cooling stage, thermal residual stress is induced to the mold due to nonuniform temperature dirtribution. However, such pressure and thermal effects on the mold during the injection molding process are very complicated, and difficult to be investigated. In this study, firstly, Moldex3D is applied to simulate the transient behavior of melt from filling to cooling stages, and then intagrate with ANSYS analysis to predict mold deformation phenomena througout the entire injection process. The results have shown that the pressure and thermal impacts on metal mold are changed much at various time period from melt filling to cooling. In addition, through CAE visulaization, it will help to realize life cycle of metal mold in injection molding process.

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