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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
CAE Technologies for Industry

Numerical Modeling of Automotive Fuses Melting Time

Gonzalez Ricardo - MTA (Italy)
Fasani Matteo - MTA (Italy)
Mangini Paolo - MTA (Italy)


The design of automotive fuses has to comply with ISO standard specifications (particularly the ISO specification 8820). It establishes dimensions, rated current, test procedures, mechanical, electrical and performance requirements for road vehicles’ fuses.
Fuses’ geometry (especially for the melting area) and the blade material (including the surface coating) are two fundamental parameters for the fuses to comply with blowing time, voltage drop limits and to maintain the contacts’ temperature below the wires temperature limits.
We developed, for this purpose, a model using ANSYS WB that will allow us to predict with a certain reliability the thermoelectric features of the fuse, using in particular the concepts of enthalpy and resistivity which are well defined by ANSYS.

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