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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
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The Use of ANSYS CFX to Optimise the Cooling Circuit of an Internal Combustion Engine - 2nd Part: Thermal Analysis

Carappellucci Carlo - Piaggio&Co (Italy)


The object study is an internal combustion air-cooling circuit, made of a thermodynamic unit and a cooling circuit.
The complete study focuses on a conjugate heat transfer problem. In the first part we performed the fluidodynamic analysis, presented in the 2010 EnginSoft Conference. The second part is presented here: the thermal analysis. We focus on the fluid/solid interaction and convective heat transfer phenomena. In particular the main point of the analysis are:
• Fluid and solid simulation boundary condition
• Mesh sensitivity analysis
• Boundary condition calculation methodology
• Boundary condition sensitivity analysis
• Thermal and fluidodynamic results
Comparative results are presented.

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