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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
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Churning Power Losses in Planetary Speed Reducer: Computational-Experimental Analysis

Concli Franco - Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
Gorla Carlo - Politecnico di Milano (Italy)


Efficiency is becoming more and more a main concern in the design of power transmissions and the demand for high efficiency gearboxes is continuously increasing. For this reason it’s important to have some models in order to quantify the power losses already during the design stage. Some theoretical or semi-empirical models that allow to estimate losses like those of bearings, of seals, of gear meshing (due to sliding) and, for ordinary gears, those of churning are available in literature. In the case of planetary speed reducers, where the motion of the planet carrier causes a rotatory motion of the planets around the axis of the gearbox, the oil splash lubrication is an important source of losses. This report introduces a multiphase CFD model for the prediction of the churning losses characteristic of planetary gears. The model has been validate by mean of an experimental testing campaign.

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