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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
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The Grapheur Tool for Data Analysis and Visualization: 7D Plot and Similarity Maps

Battiti Roberto - Reactive Search (Italy)
Brunato Mauro - Reactive Search (Italy)
Stefanini Simone - Reactive Search (Italy)
Franchini Francesco - EnginSoft (Italy)


Relying on the fact that sight is the most powerful mean of investigation of the human brain, we are inclined to choose and use those graphs, charts and plots that display data in a clear and visually efficient way.
In this paper we intend to present two innovative data visualizations, part of the Grapheur interactive visualization package: the 7D plot and the similarity maps.
A 7D plot is a 3-dimensional standard bubble chart that allows the user to define and visualize 4 additional variables by using color, size, shape and blinking.
A 7D plot is an efficient way to visualize small multi-dimensional spaces for which it is important to gather a significant amount of information in one single view.
A similarity map is a 2-dimensional rendering of a n-dimensional analytical space, in which every record is plotted by trying to keep similar records at close positions.
In a similarity map additional information can be represented by using size, color, shape and blinking as in a 7D plot.
A similarity map is an effective tool to create intuitive clustering by starting from the records’ user-defined similarities.

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