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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
CAE Technologies for Industry

Research of the Maximum Energy Efficiency for a Three Phase Induction Motor by Means of Slots Geometrical Optimization.

Civolani Andrea - Rossi Motoriduttori (Italy)
D’Alessandro Emiliano - EnginSoft (Italy)


The market and the regulations ask manufacturers new electric engine with ever increasing energy efficiency.
For this reason a company as Rossi Motoriduttiori, specialized in high efficiency electric motors, has decided to rely on the numeric simulation and optimization to achieve this objective.
In particular, the activity consisted in the research of the maximum energy efficiency for a three phase induction motor by means of both rotor and stator slots geometrical optimization. The first step of the activity consisted in the tune-up of the model in ANSYS RMxprt environment. The RMxprt analytical model is afterwards validated by means of a fem model in ANSYS Maxwell environment. The optimization analysis has been totally carried out in ANSYS RMxprt environment.

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