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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
CAE Technologies for Industry

Optimization Process of Die Casting through the Integration of Sampling, Quality Control Laboratory and Simulation

Barison Silvio - SAEN (Italy)


Nowadays the role of tool maker in the die casting industry, especially in the automotive field, has turned out to be leading in new technological challenges. Initially the toolmakers were merely suppliers, now they work side by side with foundries during production and collaborate with car manufacturers in the development of more and more complex parts characterized by higher and higher qualitative standards.
SAEN met the challenge by introducing in the manufacturing process new simulation technologies which support tool design and improve part efficiency. Thanks to sampling and quality control laboratory the simulation keeps coming up to responses which enable the critical analysis of results to fulfill consequently the complete customer satisfaction.
This paper will show the history and development of the company how the simulation has been integrated in the manufacturing process. Some examples of critical issues, the way they were found out and solved thanks to the integration of sampling, quality control laboratory and simulation will be dealt with in this presentation.

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