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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
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Modelling of a Packaging Machine Filling System Using a Hierarchical Approach

Apparuti Daniele - Tetra Pak (Italy)
Torelli C. - Tetra Pak (Italy)


The development of a filling system simulation model requires the proper description of its constituting components by using information able to calculate flow condition through each of these elements. 3D CFD simulation is typically used to characterize valves and counter pressure devices in steady state manners and pressure loss coefficient are extracted and used in corresponding lumped parameters elements in the circuit simulation. A further complexity belongs to the filling system of a Tetra Pak machine that is roll fed with flexible packaging material: the interaction between the forming process and the filling equipment. Briefly a well defined volume of liquid food is packed simultaneously with formation of each container and this interaction is introduced the system model by integrating information deriving from 3D FEM simulations. The methodology and the hierarchical approach to build similar complex system is described in the present work.

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