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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
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Engine Exhaust Jets Redesign for the P180 Aircraft Using Multidisciplinary Simulations

Cravero Carlo - Università di Genova (Italy)
Briasco Giuseppe - Consorzio SIRE (Italy)
Macelloni Paolo - Consorzio SIRE (Italy)


The pusher propeller installation of the P180 aircraft is a unique configuration that has many advantages from the aircraft design point of view; in fact the P180 is a commercial success as a regional jet because of its many advantages and superior performance. Nevertheless the propeller installation behind the engine exhausts has a severe shortcoming related to increased noise. The paper shows the simulation procedure developed by a joint activity between Piaggio Aeorindustries and Consorzio SIRE to tackle the exhaust duct redesign taking into account the many constraints for the propeller and engine performance. CFD simulations in large domains with detailed geometries have been coupled to thermal analysis of the propeller blades. Both steady and unsteady solutions are considered. Results from the above approach are presented and discussed.

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