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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
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Simulation and Energy Saving in Simple Solar Collector with Reflective Panels and Boiler

Tosato Renzo - Università di Padova (Italy)


The concept of solar thermal water heating is very simple. The energy of the sun is absorbed by some simple solar collectors set in a garden. The heated water is pumped into a shower, into a hot water reservoir, or into a combined boiler. This paper focuses on the combination of high efficiency boilers with simple collectors, which can favorably contribute to solve the problems of the delivery of hot water in domestic heating plants. The solar collector has been simulated by a simple program and the water temperatures have been calculated over a day time as function of weather data, dimensions of the pipes and surfaces of the panels, and of water consumption. The boilers used are conventional or condensing instantaneous, flame modulating, and with electric ignition. The values of the cyclic efficiencies of a boiler can be calculated by simulation at partial load and compared with experimental results and with those of other high efficiency boilers for tap water service.

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