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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
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Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) with RBF Morph: a Generic Formula 1 Front End

Biancolini Marco Evangelos - Università di Roma “Tor Vergata” (Italy)


CFD calculations are usually performed considering the undeformed wing configuration (i.e. rigid parts). When important effects are observed (wing deformation and rotation) the CFD model should be updated to the deformed configuration. Even a slight deformation can have a dramatic effect on performances (Drag, Lift, Tyre-Wing interaction,…).
A feasible solution is given by Fluent + RBF Morph: the CFD model parameterized using modal shapes becomes flexible.
Modal shapes are first calculated using FEA, then the Fluid mesh is parameterized using modal shapes by RBF Morph each mode is stored as a standard shape modifier.
Amplifications of each mode are obtained dividing the modal force (integrated directly onto the CFD mesh) for the squared circular frequency and then used for CFD mesh updating.
Usually the shape is updated during CFD iterations (typical updating interval is 25).
Modal embedding method results are very close to full two ways coupling (3% error) using the first 5 modes; the effect of speed on drag and downforce is studied using the proposed approach.

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