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EnginSoft International Conference 2011
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modeFRONTIER Analysis for Reducing Emissions of PCDD/F in a Sintering Ore Plant

Cavaliere Pasquale - University of Salento (Italy)


Sintering operations in steel making is one of the main sources of production of PCDD (polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins), PCDF (polychlorinated -dibenzo-furans), NOx and SOx. In the present study the operating conditions, through which a reduction of dangerous emissions can be achieved, are defined through numerical analysis. The following process parameters were evaluated: gas temperature, quantities of chlorine and copper, additions of hydrated lime, sulfur, and urea.
Using the optimization software modeFRONTIER, a virtual surface that can reproduce at best the actual process of sintering was created. As a matter of fact, with the application of filtering to post-sintering gas, such as ESP (electrostatic precipitator) and WS (wet-fine scrubber), it was finally possible to obtain a reduction of emission values within the limits of international protocol AARHUS.

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